Audit & Assurance

We always believe that an audit represents far more than a legal requirement.

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Accountancy & Book Keeping

We are friendly, reliable, professional and established accountancy practice...

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Taxation & Planning

At Synergy Accountancy we understand that tax is a major issue for any business.

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Value added tax is one of the most complex and difficult tax regimes imposed on business.

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Complete Services

We have Wide Range Services To Help Small Or Large Business With Accountancy problems.

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HMRC Investigation

Every business, no matter how large or small, is required by law to ‘keep books’.

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Why Synergy Accountancy

1:My accountant never provides ideas to increase profits!
2:My accountant never call me to know how business is running and how can he help me!
3:My accountant was interested in last year’s accounts and not interested in future plans!
4:I have not changed accountants for last few years (5 years or more)!
5:My accountant use jargon words which I don’t understand!
6:Most accountants do the same way and same things!
7:I don’t know how much my accountant charge!
At Synergy Accountancy we understand that tax is a major issue for any business. While it is vital to stay compliant with Inland Revenue, no business wants to pay additional tax than necessary.
Limited company statutory audits
Limited company voluntary audits
Solicitors Account Rules
Charities audits, under the Charities Act 1993 or Companies Act 2006
Charities independent examinations
Academies audits
ARLA Accountants Reports
FCA regulations audits
Friendly and Industrial and Provident Societies
Due Diligence reports
Internal audits for organisation

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